State of Michigan Emergency Operations Center

On February 16th 2018, six of us traveled to the State of Michigan Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) in Lansing. Present were Mike N8MRC, Robert KD8TOV, John KD8WZH, Del W8WDW, Jay K8DC, and Liz K8DCL. The SEOC is where state, local and federal agencies coordinate the response to a disaster, emergency or terrorist event. The governor, state director of emergency management and homeland security and other agencies direct all state resources at this center when responding to and recovering from an event. We met with Don Bouffard, Engineering Specialist, Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and he graciously gave us a tour. Don was involved in the design and construction of the facility and is very knowledgeable about how the various systems work together. As ARES/RACES members we were of course interested in the Auxiliary Communication (AUXCOMM) systems. Below is a gallery of photos taken during our visit.

Police Headquarters Entrance
Operations  Center
Facility Control
Upper Level
Video Processing
Rear Monitors
Daily Police Operations
AUXCOMM Equipment
Standby Generator
Generator Inside
Antenna Farm
Main Tower
Tower Inside
Wire Dipole
Server Room
800 MHz System
Police Headquarters Entrance