Upcoming Activities

Check the tabs under this menu item for planning and sign-up information on activities our club members and associates are participating in….

We welcome suggestions for topics and activities to be shared during our after-meeting open radio room sessions which currently follow our monthly business meetings.

You may make suggestions at our business meetings, via email to a club officer and through this website, by leaving a comment.


Contributor Suggestion
Topic / Activity Scheduled
KD8HNF 10/13/15 VE Train the Trainer 11/10/15
KD8LZS 10/13/15 Digital Modes Presentation TBD
KD8HNF 10/13/15 How to use the ARRL Bureau TBD
W8WDW 11/10/15 APRS Presentation TBD
K8DC 11/10/15 Balun Building Workshop 12/8/15
W8OPD 11/10/15 More QSL card examples 12/8/15
AC8NI 11/10/15 Packet Radio Presentation TBD
W8WDW 12/13/16 Digital Modes Presentation TBD


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