New Digital Repeater is on the air!

The new digital repeater is on the air. I installed the repeater Monday Afternoon(1-13) and is working great! I will be donating an HRI-200 so we can connect our repeater to the internet. I have added a couple pictures so everyone can see how our repeater looks.

Yaesu System Fusion Repeater to replace clubs current Repeater

The club bought a Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion Digital Repeater. It was delivered to N8MRC’s QTH on Friday Jan 2nd. Mike has the new repeater rack mounted in the clubs go box. He is heading up to the School on Monday Jan 6th to get the old repeater. He has to get the duplexer out of the old one so he can install it in the new repeater. The neat thing is this new repeater can be used either FM or Digital. Later on down the road the repeater will be connected to WIRES X for world wide communications. Starting on Monday Jan 6th the repeater will be off the air for about a week.